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Federico Odello
In his works Milan-based photographer Federico Odello explores the theme of street photography as a form of social documentary.
A lover of black and white photo reportage took up photography only in 2010, being greatly inspired by Atge’s, Cartier-Bresson’s and Doisneau’s works.
Federico does not impose his vision of the cities but rather walks through the streets, listening to whispers and background - the echo of life that runs an unconscious theatrical performance. This approach leads to the mute and contemporary testimony, with an unprecedented force of expression.
Federico’s first personal exhibition took place in Turin in 2015, being followed by the second one in 2016. The third solo exhibition will be held in Varese in July 2017, as a grand prize for winning an international contest.
The photos of Federico Odello tell about the contradictions of modern times, presented through a d’essai cinematic cut in black and white vision of reality, even when he shoots in color.
As in a tribal dance, the characters line up and reconnect with the immanence,  grabbing and highlighting  the contrast between their own history and the history. Sometimes they disappear from the scene, leaving the aseptic  taste of the reflection on the intangible  to the horizontal alignment of the layers.
His photos capture the dramatic nature of the centuries-old collective burnout in a melancholic acknowledgement of the lack of transcendence
2015 – “Allineamenti”  / Spazio Sobrio – Torino – Italy (solo)
2016 – "Camminamenti” / Spazio Sobrio – Torino – Italy (solo)
2017 – "Portraits in B&W” / Blank Wall Gallery – Athens – Greece (group)
2017 – "Hug the road” / Showcases Gallery – Varese – Italy (solo)
Aug. 2017 – Sunny Art Center - London - UK (group)
Aug. 2017 - "Street Photography" - PH21 Gallery - Budapest - Hungary (group)
Aug. 2017 - Polet Art Gallery - Belgrade - Serbia (group)
Mar. 2018 – ViewPoint Gallery – Halifax – Canada (group)

2016 – Biancoscuro Art Contest – winner
2017 – The Motif collective – "REFLECTIONS" - finalist
2017 – Fusion Art – “Cityscapes” - finalist
2017 – ViewPoint Gallery –  International Photography Competition 2017 - winner
2017 – Street Photography contest - PH21 Gallery - finalist
2017 – Sunny Art Prize - finalist
2017 - Urban 2017 Photo Award - Selected 

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